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    Practice with a purpose

    Partner up on Contact! to practice speaking a language with others in a fun, productive activity.

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  • How It Works



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    Expand your comfort zone

    Select from a variety of different language packs to focus your practice. We'll generate content based on these topics.

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    Find a partner

    Invite a friend to join you, or wait to be matched to a native speaker or another learner around the globe.

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    Skip the small talk

    Practice speaking and listening by describing what you see on your screen to your partner, or try to find what your partner is describing to you using your target language.

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    Train with confidence

    Ever had a "Sorry, what?" moment, and wished you could rewind and play it back? Rewind time with Memories and you can listen to and read your previous conversation snippets in your target language. Never miss another moment!

  • Learn through Snapshots

    Contact! is designed to simulate the experience of traveling to a foreign country,
    giving you snapshots of situations you'll find yourself in abroad.

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